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Aluminium Dog Car Cage with Double Doors

  • NDT8601

Aluminium Dog Car Cage with Double Doors

NDT8601--With Double Doors: 82(L)*86.8(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8602--With Double Doors: 92(L)*91.6(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8603--With Double Doors: 92(L)*98.4(W)*65.8CM(H)

Wiith Single Door

NDT8501: 60CM(L)*46CM(W)*50.8CM(H)

NDT8502: 60CM(L)*53CM(W)*55.8CM(H)

NDT8503: 75CM(L)*58.9CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8504: 82CM(L)*64.7CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8505: 82CM(L)*70.5CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8506: 82CM(L)*77.7CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8507: 82CM(L)*84.9CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8508: 82CM(L)*92.1CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8509: 92CM(L)*92.1CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8510: 92CM(L)*99.3CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8511: 92CM(L)*106.5CM(W)*65.8CM(H)

NDT8512: 65CM(L)*78CM(W)*66CM(H)

NDT8513: 65CM(L)*85CM(W)*66CM(H)

NDT8514: 92CM(L)*65CM(W)*66CM(H)

NDT8515: 92CM(L)*78CM(W)*66CM(H)


1.New and premium design, unique in the market.

2.Very stable,strong aluminium frame.

3.Sloping front and rear (78°angle)

4.The rounded and nylon corners help ensure greatest possibly safety and protect against injury.

5.Very easy to assemble

6.Silent design,with plastic nubs for silent doors, with the nylon hinges.

7.Lockable with keys.



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