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Six Panels Pet Play Pen with cover

S: 60cm*63cm X 6pcs, Packing: 62.5*65.5*5.5cm/ctn/set

M: 76cm*63cm X 6pcs, Packing: 78.5*65.5*5.5cm/ctn/set

L: 91cm*63cm X 6pcs, Packing: 93.5*65.5*6cm/ctn/set

XL: 107cm*63cm X 6pcs, Packing: 109.5*65.5*6cm/ctn/set

XXL: 122*63 cm X 6pcs, Packing: 124*65.5*6 cm/ctn/set,

More different diameter of the wire can provide to meet different customers requirements.


1. Very strong and durable metal frame

2. Constructed with 8 painted metal elements, it is very quick to assemble and disassemble it.

3. Ideal for rearing puppies

4. Protects them from anything dangerous both indoors and outdoors

5. Indispensable for breeders and puppy owners

6. Easy to take down for space-saving storage

7. With the cover for waterproof, sunshade at one half and the other half mesh for ventilation

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