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6 pcs playpen

S: 60*63 X 6pcs, Packing Size: 63*66*20cm/pc/ctn

M: 76*63 X 6pcs, Packing Size: 79*66*20cm/pc/ctn

L: 91*63 X 6pcs, Packing Size: 94*66*20cm/pc/ctn

XL: 107*63 X 6pcs, Packing Size: 110*66*20cm/pc/ctn

8 pcs playpen

S: 60*63 X 8pcs, Packing Size: 73*72*26cm/pc/ctn

M: 76*63 X 8pcs, Packing Size: 89*72*26cm/pc/ctn

L: 91*63 X 8pcs, Packing Size: 96*72*26cm/pc/ctn

XL: 107*63 X 8pcs, Packing Size: 110*72*26cm/pc/ctn


1. Ideal for training puppies: allows them to play together outside and get to know their surroundings, lively and curious pets are protected from danger when playing alone

2. Particularly stable: suitable for indoor and outdoor use including in the house, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden

3. Made from high-quality aluminium: lightweight, robust, non-corrosive and rust-resistant

4. Lockable gate with quality and secure locks: easy access via the gate

5. Collapse to save space: transport comfortably, easy to store

6. Possibility to expand: create even more space in the playpen

7. The units of several aluminium enclosures can be connected to each other

8. Weatherproof

9. No sharp corners

10. Various assembly options: horizonal or vertical

11. Sets up and folds down in seconds for easy movement and storage, NO Tools

12. Includes Velcro Straps to Secure the Pens During Storage and Transport

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